Best socks for smelly feet

best socks for smelly feet
best socks for smelly feet

Do you have this embarrassing problem of smelly feet? You may be a long sufferer of athlete’s feet or just being sweaty in general. No matter what is your cause of those smelly feet. You surely want to spare yourself from those awkward moments of people noticing your smelly feet.

best socks for smelly feet
best socks for smelly feet

Thanks to more research in fabrics used in socks. There are these newly formulated socks that can help you get away with. They mainly used advanced technology to help bring the sweat out to the surface of the sock, so the sweat can be evaporated quickly. Others utilise ions like silver ion which are infused into the fabrics and attain a certain degree of antibacterial action which helps to fight those germs causing the bad smell in your feet.

BEPURE use these special nanotech fibres in their stocks which help to decrease the bacteria level. It claimed that after the first day of use, the bacteria level can be dropped by 70%! Together with breathable fibres technology, it will allow sweat to be quickly absorbed and regulate the temperature in your feet. So this keeps your feet dry and odourless.

Uniqlo U HEATTECH Anti-Odor Socks are a must buy if the problem of smelly feet is affecting you. It keeps your feet warm and at the same time help to fight the odour with this self-deodorizing feature. This is one of my favourites during the winter. Simply do the job of keeping you warm and no disgusting smell at all.


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