Best lip balm for dark lips


Your lips are different from the rest of your normal skin in that they are not hairy and don’t have skin pores to produce sweat. This makes the lips more vulnerable to the external environment. Making the lips easier to get very dry and chapped when exposed to cold air. A good lip balm would be essential for your lips to survive the winter chill.

How to choose the best lip balm? Of course, you will need one that can keep your lips moisturised constantly. Also, you want to choose a lip balm with minimal additives that may cause allergies. Ideally, you may want to choose lip balms which will help repair the skin barrier.

“your lips are different from normal skin and require extra protection in winter.”

There are dermatologists approved lip balm like the Cerave lip balm which will help to repair the skin barrier. Using these lip balms which repair the barrier and locking in the moisture, will ensure your dry lips be soothed promptly. Another recommendation from myself and many users is the Aquaphor healing ointment. It truly does wonders in those unbearable winters where your lips are easily chapped. Aquaphor Healing Ointment is uniquely formulated to restore smooth, healthy skin. It keeps your lips well moisturised throughout a day. I personally can go by applying it two to three times a day and I will be all good. It is also recommended by dermatologists for dry skin, chapped lips and dry hands and feet, so this mightly ointment can just help your skin stay moisturised.


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