hallux valgus shoes


A hallux valgus deformity, also called a bunion, is when there is a lateral deviation of the great toe (hallux) away from the midline. The condition can lead to a painful motion of the joint and shoe wear difficulty. It is important to get a pair of comfortable shoes to prevent your condition from getting more serious. These people may have pain over their feet and deformed anatomy. Someone advocate the use of shoes with bigger headroom, as you can imagine pointed shoes will tend to squash your toes together. This will allow more space for your toes and hopefully, the angle of big toe being bent won’t deteriorate. There are shoes specially designed for people with hallux valgus. Pedors Classic Stretch Orthopedic Shoes are designed for this purpose.

They are lightweight and use a seamless stretch forefoot made from a special material called Pedoprene. This material will allow an excellent fit for your foot. This specially formulated material can be able to stretch where needed and be moulded when necessary to accommodate the most demanding bunion, corn, hammertoe or other forefoot deformity to avoid discomfort or even pain.

The insole is ΒΌ inch thick to provide extra plantar or sole cushioning, which is crucial in people with hallux valgus as this support can prevent deterioration of the condition. This insole can be easily removed to accommodate orthotics or other insoles if needed. There is also a single touch closure strap which makes it so easy to put on and can be easily adjusted during the day when there’s feet swelling.


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