Best water based pomade

water based pomade

Pomade is a good old greasy hair product for your daily men’s grooming. The usual oil-based pomade would give you a slick and shiny touch to your hairstyle. When it first appeared in the 18th century, pomade is made of lard. Usually, it would take several showers to completely wash it away from your hair as you can imagine.

In modern days, water-based pomades are gaining popularity. Thanks to the modern ingredients in it namely beeswax, Candelilla Wax, Shea Butter and Soy Lecithin. These ingredients make up the water-based pomade. If you want a hairstyle product with a great hold during the day and can then be easily washed away, you may consider using water-based pomade.

I have personally used a handful of water-based pomades. If you are looking for that slick look from a high-quality product, take a look at these pomades:

Pomade by Battle Born Grooming Co

1Pomade by Battle Born Grooming Co


Simply close to the “Ultimate, search no more” pomade. Surely love the firm and strong hold. I’ve used several pomades and this has the most reliable hold. I was able to shape and keep my pompadour during the day. It also feels nice and it has the consistency of a soft, fluffy cream.

They only use oils that are certified organic. Does not contain petroleum, parabens, alcohol and propylene glycol, which can lead to irritation to your scalp.

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Layrite Natural Matte Cream

2Layrite Natural Matte Cream

I like how layrite will give you a natural matte finish to your hair. It has a medium hold which I find usually can hold my hairstyle during the daytime. If you are looking for a clean matte finish, choose layrite. It always allow my hair look natural and healthy. One more thing, I like how it is scented too. My girlfriend would literally keep on complimenting how good my hair smells, so I cannot complain much.

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O’Douds – All Natural Multi Purpose Water Based Pomade

3O’Douds – All Natural Multi Purpose Water Based Pomade

Want to treat yourself with a premium water based pomade? This new formulation from O’Douds is clearly a winner. Made of all natural high quality ingredients like beeswax, jojoba oil, shea butter and candelilla wax. You just need to take a scoop with your finger and run through your hair to feel how good is this product.

It has a great scent and leaves your hair feeling soft and healthy. Very easy to wash it off. Definitely try this if you want a premium water based pomade.

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